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Our plans for 2021

We're only ten days into 2021, and it's already promising to continue the last year's trend. However, this does not discourage us. If anything, it also promises another interesting year!

This is traditionally the time of planning and writing down New Year's resolutions, and we think it is a fun way to enter into a new year, so here are some of our main plans for the upcoming year:

Focus more on our online presence. We are aware that everyone is spending more and more time online, and while we enjoy doing things in the real world, we also understand that the line between real and virtual is getting more and more blurry. We have already started to turn our attention more to Instagram with our 2020 Online Advent Calendar, and this year we plan to engage with our followers even more on our Facebook page, Instagram profile, TikTok channel, blog, and wherever there are interesting people to meet! :)

Open a brick-and-mortar store. While we enjoy spending our time on the open market in Dubrovnik Old town during the tourist season, we would also love to open a store which does not depend on the weather conditions, can be open all year, and would be more spacey and easier to decorate. We can't stop imagining a medieval shop either in Dubrovnik or Zagreb (or both!), and we hope this year will be the one when we finally manage to bring this dream of ours to life!

Medieval shop interior
Something like this, but ours!

⚜ Attend medieval festivals! If the virus permits, we would love to start attending more medieval festivals all over the globe. We both enjoy the time-travel feeling one gets upon donning a medieval costume and walking amongst the fellow history nerds, and we can't wait till it's possible to do so again.

⚜ Learn a new language. This is one of our plans that we keep postponing, but we both believe this is the year we'll finally do it! We have a slight problem with deciding which language to start learning, as we'd like to take that journey together (I lean towards Italian, while Tanja is more inclined to Spanish), but we are getting closer and closer to the decision every day!

⚜ Create even more new products! While we have made some new pieces for our 2020 Online Advent Calendar, we wish to bring you even more new map and art replicas, as well as some totally new products! I'd like to get more into the wood and leather-work this year, while Tanja would enjoy focusing more on medieval wedding decor.

These are the plans that require the most focus on our part, and that we feel would bring us closer to our long-term goals. While it is hard to predict what this year will bring and how our lives will be affected by it, we will try our hardest to act on our plans and bring them to life!

Which are your most important plans for 2021? We'd love to hear from you in the comments. We wish this year to be the best one yet for all of us! Until the next time, stay medie-well! :)

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