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Hollandiae antiquorum catthorum sedis nova descriptio - a beautiful 16th century map of Holland, made by Abraham Ortelius based on the work of Jacob van Deventer. The map is drawn with east at the top. Embellished with a compass rose, sailing ships, coat of arms, etc.

Holland, Abraham Ortelius, 1570


    In case your print creases during the travel, as it usually does travel for some time, you can safely warm it up with a hair-dryer, and the wax will melt back right into it. You can also use a lighter, which is a much faster method, but be careful to keep the flame either above the paper or parallel to it (which means holding the paper vertically) so it doesn't smudge or even catch fire. The chance of the print actually creasing is very small, as they are rolled in bubble-wrap and shipped in a cardboard box. Also, be sure to keep the print out of the direct sunlight, as it can melt or fade.


    Visit the link below to see more about how our replicas are made, how to display them, and repair the damage:

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