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Povezani proizvodi

Published in 1544 by Sebastian Münster, this beautiful map shows the Old World as described by Claudius Ptolemy, a 2nd century AD geographer established at the library of Alexandria. In his famous work Geographia, a gazetteer, an atlas, and a treatise on cartography, he compiled the geographical knowledge of the 2nd-century Roman Empire. Its translation into Arabic in the 9th century and Latin in 1406 was highly influential on the geographical knowledge and cartographic traditions of the medieval Caliphate and Renaissance Europe.


All of our reproductions are done on hand-processed paper, illuminated with gold paint and finished with beeswax, giving them a real parchment-like look. Actual colors may vary a bit due to different monitors displaying colors differently.

Ptolemaic world map by Sebastian Munster, 1544.